Emmaus Community in Hinckley

The Bridge’s efforts to break the revolving door of homelessness will come to reality very soon. The Bridge very quickly saw that many of its guests lacked all hope and purpose in their lives whether they were living in a hostel or rough sleeping.

In any job market let a lone to-day’s who would give a recently homeless person a job. The Management Team of The Bridge scoured the country to see if someone had found the answer and Emmaus had. The Bridge members wanted to set up an Emmaus Community to offer a home,work and purpose to the formerly homeless but it seemed to need about £3m and serious business skills. We had an away day at Emmaus Carlton and having prayed about it agreed if it was God’s will He would provide. He has done so beyond our dreams. We are due to complete the lease of a former hotel in Hinckley in June. This will provide accommodation for 14 formerly homeless people and a flat for The Community leader. It will be fully equipped and ready to go. We have an option to purchase and if this is in His will then that will happen to. In June we are also due to complete a lease of a 6000sq’ unit with parking at Stockwell Head Hinckley-1 minute from Castle Street being the main shopping road.

We expect to start taking Companions by the end of June and start to trade by the Autumn.

CAN YOU HELP US? Emmaus will be a self supporting business selling decent pre used furniture, white gods and bric a brac. We will be delighted to collect these,or even do a house clearance. We also need volunteers for van driving,serving in our cafe/shop or clerical work. If for any reason you can’t volunteer for The Bridge or want to help at Emmaus Hinckley as well please ring Matthew Taylor on 07807 104142 . To learn more about Emmaus in Hinckley ring 01455 631718 or click on http://www.emmaus.org.uk/leicestershire_rutland

Regards, Keith Lawson West

Bridge Leicester

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