Supporting mental health and wellbeing

We are a wellbeing centre that supports those who are hardest to reach by seeking to:

  • Overcome the barriers to engagement encountered with more traditional service models
  • Be a centre where guests can feel secure, trustful and don’t feel judged
  • Be a centre where services are supplied by people who understand their challenges and are sympathetic to them

85% of the homeless will experience mental health problems and 45% report having suicidal thoughts. Life expectancy can be reduced by up to 30 years and substance abuse is significantly high in this population (smoking 77%, drugs 39% and alcohol 27%).

The Bridge Homelessness to Hope has a set of values and four objectives that aim to promote the mental health and well-being of our guests (homeless) in Leicester so that they feel valued and socially integrated.

The charity has a five-year mental health strategy that came into effect from early 2018 and is overseen by a Trustee, Dr G Kunigiri who is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Leicester.

We have initiated a number of mental health and well-being projects at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope such as quarterly health clinics, exercise groups, art therapy group, comedy group and the meditation group, in addition to health promotion events, including alcohol and drug addiction help groups.

We are planning to assign each guest a Journey Volunteer who would actively support the guest in personal recovery and help them to re-engage with existing public and other sector organisations that are pertinent to them.

The Bridge Homelessness to Hope has it’s own strategy and vision, mission and values, which are:

Vision – that everyone in Leicester has a place to call home and hope for the future.

Mission – to provide support to and opportunities for those trapped in poverty or homelessness. We are a non-proselytising Christian charity; our faith is at the heart of all we do. We welcome people of all faiths and none.

Values – our values are our operating principles that guide how we fulfil our mission. Our values are: compassion, respect, hope and every individual matters.

Our specific aims are to: Support the MOST ISOLATED AND MARGINALISED PEOPLE, who often have no-one else to turn to, by:

  • Offering a SAFE, WELCOMING SPACE where all people feel valued
  • Providing CRISIS SUPPORT – shelter, food, clothing and companionship
  • Meeting our guests’ CORE PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS – to be loved, to be heard, to belong, to achieve, to have meaning, purpose and belief
  • Being a ‘HUB OF OPPORTUNITY’ where people can achieve their potential and help others

Our Strategic Objectives include:

  • We will continue to offer a safe place and support for people in crisis
  • We will improve our services to help people make a long-term and sustainable improvement to their lives
  • We will develop accessible mental health provision for our guests
  • We will ensure we have diverse and sustainable income streams
  • We will strengthen our staff, volunteers and good governance

Our greatest strengths are genuine, caring staff and volunteers.