Urgent information regarding the immediate delivery of our services

In view of the uncertainty that we’re facing with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and to protect the health of our volunteers, we have taken the step of closing all of our services from Tuesday 17 March, with the exception of the breakfast service. The breakfast service will be run by staff and we would advise all volunteers, from that date, to desist from coming to The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.

We recognise that breakfast is the key part of the day for our guests, which is why we’re continuing with this and we are committed to do everything within our power to keep this service running for as long as possible.

Please be sure we haven’t taken this decision lightly; it has been taken in consultation with the relevant professionals and of course, will be subject to change as the situation / advice on this matter changes.

We value all of the support that our volunteers give to The Bridge Homelessness to Hope and its guests, and wouldn’t want any of them to be put at any unnecessary risk. We will look to resume all services as soon as we’re safely able and hope that they will be available to support us at that time.

Alice Barwell